Vineyards and wineries in Athens

Vineyards and wineries in Athens

Greece is one of the most popular and reputed wine producers to the world market. In fact, wine produced in Greece has received lots of positive attention as well as reputation. You will be able to discover vineyards and wineries that are responsible for producing these high-quality wines throughout the country as well. Out of them, a considerable percentage is centered to the capital city of the country, Athens.

When you take a look at the other European countries that produce wine, you will notice that wineries and vineyards are situated a bit far away from the city. This is completely different in Athens. Here is a list of five of the most prominent winemakers that you will be able to discover in Athens.

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  • Ktima Kokotos

Ktima Kokotos originated back in the 70s. This winemaking facility was started by George Kokotos along with his family members. They wanted to abandon the life in the city to create a small vineyard. They picked the northern region of Athens as the perfect location for it. In fact, they were able to discover an excellent estate, which offers ideal conditions for the production of wine. At here, it is possible to find a vegetable garden, poultry farm, beehives, and an olive grove as well. Ktima Kokotos is located just a 45-minute drive from the center of Athens. However, the time would vary depending on the traffic as well.

  • Markou Vineyards

Markou brothers founded Markou Vineyards back in the year 1983 along with the inherited knowledge that they got about wine culture. As a result, they were able to overcome most of the challenges that came on their way during the initial days. This winemaking facility is located just 40 minutes away from the center of Athens.

Markou Vineyards is producing wine with a variety of grapes. They include Malagouzia, Muscat, Moschofilero, Athiri, Roditis, Assyrtiko, Agiorgitiko and Savatiano. Only few other vineyards in the country are producing wine with such an excellent variation of grapes. Due to the same reason, wine produced by Markou Vineyards is popular among all parts of the country as well.

One of the best things about Markou Vineyards is that the winery is open for guests to visitors. You can think about going there to get a better understanding about the process that they follow. If you want more details, you can take a look at the website and contact them.

  • Mylonas Winery

Mylonas Winery is located in Karetea. This is a historic place. In fact, the region has been quite popular for winemaking process from the past. The history of winemaking process in Mylonas Winery dates back all the way to the era of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates.

This can be considered as the vineyard with the highest altitude within Mesogaia. To be more precise, the vineyard is located in the foot of Mount Panion. Due to the same reason, the vineyard is experiencing a unique breeze throughout the day as well. You can also find a variety of wines made out here in Mylonas Winery, along with the usage of different grape types.

  • Papagiannakos Domaine

According to historical sources, it has been identified that Papagiannakos Domaine is the very first winery, which was designed to be constructed within Greece while adhering to the bioclimatic standards. They wanted to achieve better results from the winemaking process through the introduction of these technologies. They were able to do it quite well as well.

Another great thing about Papagiannakos Domaine is that it is heavily supporting all the environmentally friendly initiatives at the time producing wine.

This winery is constructed in the place of an old monastery as well. You will be able to access Papagiannakos Domaine with just a 40-minute drive from the center of Athens. This winery is open throughout the weekdays for guests to visit. You will also be able to visit Papagiannakos Domaine during the weekends, but you should have an appointment to do it.

  • Anastasia Fragou’s Winery

Anastasia Fragou’s Winery is a massive vineyard, which spans across a total area of more than 14 hectares. It is located in Rafina, Spata. In other words, Anastasia Fragou’s Winery is located just few kilometers from the border of Athens. This is one of the most beautiful wineries that you can find in the region. It has got modern facilities as well. Even if a large number of modern facilities are available to assist the winemaking process at Anastasia Fragou’s Winery, you can still find how they move forward with traditional wine-making process for the production of certain wine varieties. It seems like they are good with producing those varieties of wine through traditional techniques.