3 Greek Cheeses You Should Definitely Try

3 Greek Cheeses You Should Definitely Try

Greece has always been the land of good food. Cheese is an integral part of Greek culture, and it comes as no surprise that there are numerous varieties of cheese available in Greece. The country is one of the biggest exporters of Feta cheese.

Every foodie would know Feta cheese. It is, after all, one of the most versatile and delicious cheeses in the world. Greek cuisine is hardly limited to Feta. From salty cheese to sweet cheese, the cheese of Greece can be served as appetizers or desserts. Does it get better than this? We think not.

Some of the cheeses go perfectly well with wine and are more than capable of delighting your taste buds and tantalizing your senses. You might just end up being a fan of Greek cheeses once you sample them. Let us take a look at some cheeses you must try when in Greece.

  • Graviera
    • Graviera is a hard cheese with a mild sweet taste. It is usually grated and sprinkled over pasta or sliced into strips and served as appetizers.
    • This cheese is made using sheep’s milk or cow’s milk and is aged for a minimum of 5 months before it is taken out for serving.
    • Light yellow in color, Graviera can be soft and buttery or hard and tangy based on how long it has been aged. Both varieties are equally used in cooking.
    • Graviera makes a delicious dessert cheese when served with a drizzle of Greek thyme honey.
  • Kaseri
    • Kaseri is a semi-hard yellow cheese made from unpasteurized sheep milk and is one of the most popular cheeses in Greece.
    • It is produced only in Macedonia, Thessaly, Lesvos, and Thrace.
    • It is mild, buttery, and melts wonderfully well when cooking. No wonder it is widely preferred by many people.
    • The cheese is usually aged for around 4 months before being taken out. But the best part is that the cheese which is aged for a longer period develops a nutty and peppery flavor that intensifies as it grows old.
    • The fresh version of Kaseri is used for wine tasting, while the aged version is perfect for well-matured reds like Agiorgitiko.
  • Metsovone
    • Metsovone is a smoked cheese that is produced in a town named Metsovo located in the Pindos Mountains in Epirus.
    • The cheese is made using cow and sheep milk and is usually served as a table cheese, though many places serve it fried as well.
    • The process of making Metsovone is quite complex because the cheese has to have a smoky yet balanced flavor. It is buttery and has a mild taste of roasted nuts.
    • Metsovone goes very well with white wines that have a high acidic content.

While there are many more famous cheeses to try in Greece, you can start with these and gradually explore the others in leisure. Every type of cheese is special and has to be savored with reverence.