Popular Varieties of Greek Wine

Popular Varieties of Greek Wine

Greece is one of the initial producers of wine to the market. If you are looking forward to explore Greek wine, you will notice that numerous options are available to consider. That’s where you must have a solid understanding about the Greek wine varieties.

Here are some of the most popular Green wine varieties that are available for you to buy.

  • Assyrtiko

Assyrtiko is one of the most popular wine varieties that you can find in Greece. This wine variety of manufactured in all parts of the country. Santorini is the most popular region in Assyrtiko for the production of wine. Assyrtiko wine is a lean white wine variety, which comes along with lemon, flint and fruit flavors.

  • Moschofilero

Moschofilero is a white wine variety, which comes along with flavors of sweet lemon, potpourri and peach. When the Moschofilero wines age, they develop apricot and nectarine flavors. This is one of the best wine varieties available out there to explore.

  • Malagousia

Malagousia wine is from Northern Greece. This is a recently discovered wine variety. You will be able to discover a rich white wine style out of the Malagousia wine. It can provide a cross flavour in between Chardonnay and Viognier. You can also get a fruity finish out of them.

Any person who is looking forward to explore white wine will be able to take a look at these wine varieties. Then you can explore the other wine varieties.