7 Signs that you’re At a Great Wine Bar

7 Signs that you’re At a Great Wine Bar

Public’s affair with wines is no longer limited to weekends; people now want to have a glass of wine any night of the week. Wine bars therefore are making a move towards creating a cozy and relaxing experience for wine aficionado which they would like to share with friends or a special someone, no matter what the occasion.

Wine Bar Collection

  1. Ambience and Entertainment:

    Atmosphere is relaxing and enjoyable; when you look outside the window you should see beautiful scenery of greenery or a beach and not a tool shop. An Intimate and relaxed feel must be delivered. Good bar is made great by inclusion of live music and other forms of entertainment.

  2. Lighting:

    Lighting in a wine bar is tricky matter, it should not be so bright to create a nuisance but lit enough so that customer can judge each wine’s color and spot difference. Lighting should never be hostile.

  3. A Harmonious Combinations of food and wine:

    A good variety of offering in taste to go along with wine would be great; different meats, nuts and cheeses to add to flavor of various wine selection.

  4. Offers Natural Wines:

    A great wine bar would be in-touch with vogue; more people prefer naturally processed wines. Natural means least intervention in wine making, for instance, using fermented grape juice without adding anything more or taking anything away. Biodynamic wine production involves using herbal sprays and natural compositing techniques in the vineyard. This means no artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides used on vines.

  5. How Wine and Food is served:

    Experience at a wine bar could be made memorable if the guest feels connection with the servers and manager. When servers are friendly and attentive to the table, they lookout for chance to refill the glass. Similarly, if the manager greets customer with a warm welcome on their way in, makes sure everything is up to expectation at table and greets with smiles and complements on way out he makes customers feel special.

  6. Helping in Selection:

    A great wine bar would facilitate customers to make their own mind about wines. Server should not just pour wine but given a chance, should tell customer about where the wine come does from, the kind of soil in which the grapes were grown and what kind of grapes were used in the blend. The server should be open and help customer sort through wines price, popularity and latest arrival etc.

  7. High and finest quality wines:

    Wide variety of wine selection with good choices available in different price range without breaking bank.

A wide selection of best quality wines when served in the right spirit and in combination with great food is all you can ask for at a great dining out experience. It’s your best option to enjoy a sip or two of your favorite wine while socializing, working or just having a good time with your friends in a cozy atmosphere.